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Leadership Development Course

The field of rehabilitation is at a critical point, requiring strong leadership to substantiate and promote its role in facilitating recovery and health in people with disability. Meaningful leadership requires people who can influence others toward a common mission and goal. The best leaders are those who know and effectively leverage their leadership style to promote change and innovation, who utilize best practices for leadership, and who are inclusive of all people, from all related backgrounds, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. This course is designed to help rehabilitation and research professionals begin to develop leadership skills necessary to advance and build the leadership capacity in rehabilitation medicine and research.

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ACRM Leadership Development Course: The Effective Leader: Managing, Mentoring & Coaching

About this Course

Know what you want to get accomplished, but not how to put it into a plan that will guide progress, gain buy-in, and secure resources? This workshop will give you practical tools and a flexible process to lead others through the planning process or develop a plan yourself. During this workshop, you will learn why and how to map stakeholders, do visioning, set measurable objectives, analyze opportunities and barriers, develop actionable initiatives, prioritize the work, and sell the plan to leadership for approval. We will use a case study to bring the concepts to life, and you will walk away with tools and templates that you can use for your own plans.

Effective Mentorship & Leadership via Coaching

As the science supporting best practices in academic mentorship and leadership continues to grow, practices used outside academia are increasingly being introduced to senior faculty in mentoring and leadership roles. One such approach is coaching, which differs from traditional mentorship and leadership approaches by changing the way that mentors and leaders engage with their mentees and staff. In this workshop, we will introduce a coaching approach to mentorship and leadership. Specifically, we will distinguish leadership, mentorship, and other types of support; discuss the role of confidentiality and importance of inclusiveness in support relationships; describe key coaching concepts and tools; and learn how to hold a coaching conversation. The workshop will combine a lecture-discussion format with small group interactions, which will be used to practice having a coaching conversation. The objective of this workshop is to introduce mid-career professionals to a new approach that will enhance their mentoring and leadership roles.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to lead others through a strategic project planning process or develop a plan themselves.

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to map stakeholders, do visioning, set measurable objectives, analyze opportunities and barriers, develop actionable initiatives, and prioritize the work.

  • Upon completion, participants will understand key steps to gain leadership approval for their plans.

Who should attend?

All healthcare providers, researchers, administrators and clinicians who are eager to enhance their communications and leadership skills. All levels from early career through mid-career and beyond.

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