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Instructional Courses

Full List of Pre-Conference Instructional Courses

IC1 (Part 1): Instructor Training in Adapting Fundamentals for Older Individuals and those with Movement Disorders Part 1 & 2

IC2 : Behavioral Health Group Intervention: An Interactive Workshop Part 1 & 2

IC3: Developing Your Interprofessional Concussion Team: From Blueprint to Outcomes

IC4: Influencing and Evaluating Impact of Implementation Efforts – There’s a Playbook for That!

IC5: Longitudinal Data Analysis and Practical Workshop Using R: Part I Introductory Topics

IC6: Longitudinal Data Analysis and Practical Workshop using R: Part II Advanced Topics

IC7: Implementing Person-Centered Goal Directed Care in Neurorehabilitation

IC8: Adaptation of the Segmental Assessment of Trunk Control (SATCo) to Address Adult Neurological Populations

IC10: Operant Conditioning of Muscle Evoked Potentials for Rehabilitation: An Introductory Hands-on Training Course for Clinicians and Clinician Scientists

IC11: Respiratory Insufficiency/Failure management in pediatric population with paralysis

IC12: Activity-Based Rehabilitation Considerations for Children: Medical and Therapeutic Perspectives

IC14: Best Practices for Conducting Research Using the Spinal Cord Injury Models System Database

IC16: Self-Management for individuals with stroke: An introduction and practical application

IC18: Biofeedback in Rehabilitation Medicine

IC19: Applied Measurement for Rehabilitation Clinicians

IC20: Rehabilitation for Functional Neurological Disorder—The Works

IC21: Focused Shockwave (fESWT) for the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal pain and myofascial Trigger Points

IC22: Emerging uses of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Rehabilitation Medicine

IC23: Introduction to Functional Vision Screening and Intervention for Pediatrics

IC24: Introduction to the Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System: Applications in Education, Research, and Clinical Practice

IC25: Rehabilitation Treatment Specification System: Application to Clinical Care

IC26: Clinical Pearls for Powered Mobility: Fitting, Training & Funding

IC27: Functional Assessment and Prism Adaptation Treatment for Spatial Neglect after Stroke

IC28: The ABCs of SEMG- Biofeedback in Physical Rehabilitation

IC29: Advanced Digital Rehabilitation Techniques: Translating Rehabilitation Techniques to Digital Practice

IC30: Concussion: A Vestibular and Ocular Focus for the Treating Clinician (Intermediate Level)

IC31: Introduction to and implementation of a trans-professional rehabilitation planning consult for survivors of head and neck cancer

IC32: SocCom: An Interactive Social Cognitive-Communication Intervention for Chronic Moderate-to-Severe ABI

IC33: Alexander Technique: An Innovative Cognitive Embodiment Approach for Clinical Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Practice

IC35: Approach to Unique Challenges in Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation

IC36: Emerging Concepts and Evidence Basis Behind Novel Approaches to Managing Chronic Spinal Pain

IC37: Accelerating Treatments for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases

IC38: Introduction to Item Response Theory for Rehabilitation Outcomes

IC39: Journey and Outcomes of a Clinical, Research & Data Scientist Partnership to Accelerate Patient Level Analytics

IC40: Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome: From Infancy to Adolescence – Understanding Best Practices & Longitudinal Impact

IC41: Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Mobile Rehabilitation (mRehab RERC) State of the Science Conference – The Future of mRehab for People with Disabilities: Part 1 & 2

IC43: What is a Rasch Keyform and How to Use & Interpret the Rasch Keyform for Clinical Practice