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ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Course - New! SECOND EDITION

Learn how to effectively deliver evidence-based rehabilitation interventions in everyday clinical practice.


Dr.Keith Cicerone, PhD, ABPP-Cn, FACRM, Co-Author of the ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual, Director of Neuropsychology, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute

Educational opportunities that promote evidence-based interventions for cognitive rehabilitation are needed by clinicians in order to provide optimum care for individuals with brain injury. 

ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training provides such an opportunity by presenting evidence-based standards and guidelines for clinical practice and translating them into step-by-step procedures for use by clinicians.

The two-day workshop, led by authors of the new SECOND EDITION Manual, provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation strategies from leading researchers and clinicians in the field.

Course Description

The ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training bridges the gap between research and clinical practice, translating evidence-based guidelines into step-by step procedures for clinicians. And now — this course will be based on the NEW and IMPROVED SECOND EDITION — just launched 4 October 2022. Be the VERY first to dive into the latest strategies and receive the new 500-page MANUAL & TEXTBOOK hot-off-the-press. Training offers a comprehensive overview of cognitive rehabilitation process (treatment planning, goal setting, and progress monitoring), a foundation in basic neuroanatomy, and direct guidance and instruction on addressing impairments in attention, memory, executive functioning, social communication, and visuospatial and praxic functioning. General procedures and specific interventions for group-based treatment are also covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic neuroanatomy and brain-behavior relationships underlying cognitive function and cognitive impairment
  • Describe the foundation principles guiding cognitive rehabilitation interventions, as well as procedures for setting goals, planning treatment, and monitoring of treatment progress
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation practice recommendations and the evidence strength supporting them
  • Describe techniques for treating impairments of attention, memory, executive functioning, social communication, and visuospatial and praxic skills
  • Describe the benefits and precautions associated with group treatment, as well as general group approaches to impairments of memory, executive functioning, and social communication.

Who Should Attend?

  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech-language professionals
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Physicians
  • RN/Rehab Nurses
  • Disability management specialists
  • Caregivers of individuals with brain injury
  • ALL rehabilitation professionals who need to know the latest evidence-based interventions for cognitive impairment
“I feel like this training gives me a game plan and a strategy to start developing my treatment plans. I know where to start with each of my patients and I feel more confident and assured that the treatment I’m providing is evidence-based.”
Zachary Bayer, MA
ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Attendee

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