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ACRM Community Group Meetings

The lifeblood of ACRM is its family of community groups comprised of Special Interest and Networking Groups.

These interdisciplinary communities advance the mission of ACRM, connect you with colleagues who share your interests, support your professional development, and all together — work to advance the field of rehabilitation — to bring the research into practice — FASTER.


Join us. Be moved.

Start your journey toward investing in your future. Join ACRM Community Group Meetings — connect with others, develop friendships and collaborations that can last a lifetime.

Build connections to help your career thrive. By engaging with members of groups, you are able to collaborate on projects, amp-up your career through natural networking, and you have the opportunity to transform lives by actively making a meaningful difference helping to get the research to practice faster.

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Dedicated Volunteers

The dedicated volunteers working within ACRM committees and groups are the primary driving force advancing the mission of ACRM.

Each interdisciplinary special interest and networking group is a unique community where like-minded, yet specialized health care and research colleagues collaborate to IMPROVE LIVES.