The 2023 Annual Conference has concluded. Please register for ACRM 2024! Call for Proposals is now open!

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Call for Proposals NOW OPEN #ACRM2024

NEWSFLASH: Submit from anywhere in the world; you don’t need to be there in person to present your poster. You must present in-person to be eligible for poster awards and for Poster Spotlight — a new feature coming to #ACRM2023.

Scientific posters will be in FULL DIGITAL DISPLAY at the ACRM 100th Annual Conference in Atlanta – making poster presenting convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Submitting Your Poster

  • Register for the ACRM 2023 Conference & book your room at the Hilton Atlanta as soon as possible
  • Two options for registration (pick one):
    1) all presenters must register IN-PERSON (preferred) so you can present LIVE and build your professional network
    2) all presenters must register at a minimum as a One-Day Core Pass – Poster Submitter Only (for the day of your poster presentation) to have your digital poster included in the Digital Neighborhood; and fully qualify for awards (applies to posters submitted by the 30 June 2023 deadline); and to be published in the Archives. If you are unable to attend the conference in-person, there is an option to have ACRM staff present your recorded poster, which includes a $150 set up fee in addition to the one day registration.
  • Pre-record your presentation by 13 October 2023 (there is no option to record on-site or to present virtually). 
  • Late-breaking poster presenters: for details & deadlines see this link >>

Poster Spotlight

ACRM is introducing the first ever POSTER SPOTLIGHT at ACRM 2023. The poster spotlight will be held immediately following the ACRM Plenary on Tuesday 31 October, as we spotlight this year’s TOP 30 ACRM Poster authors. Each author will provide a one-minute overview of their research and an opportunity for attendees to note posters of interest. Then, attendees may follow up with authors during the Poster Viewing sessions.

All posters submitted by the poster deadline 30 JUNE will be eligible for consideration in the POSTER SPOTLIGHT Program.
Selected poster authors must be present in-person in Atlanta to participate. Posters submitted during the Call for Late-Breaking Posters are not eligible

Those who choose to present in Atlanta will enjoy the INCREDIBLE NETWORKING and inter-professional interactions that only happen at ACRM.

Submit TODAY, PRESENT this FALL From anywhere.

Get  Published in The ARCHIVES of PM&R TAKE YOUR RESEARCH FURTHER at ACRM with worldwide reach.
Deadline for eligibility here:

Your poster will be available online for 3 months after the conference.
The best posters qualify for awards.

What is a Scientific Poster?

A Scientific Poster (aka research poster) is a graphic presentation of a scientific paper with a required 3 – 5 minute recording and optional 3 – 5 minute LIVE presentation on-site (in Atlanta). A poster display summarizes information or research concisely and attractively to help publicize and generate discussion.

Scientific posters at ACRM are ALL DIGITAL

  • More convenient, economical and environment friendly
  • No more hassle of paper posters
  • No more printing 
  • No more shipping
  • No more hanging 
  • No more taking posters down

Where are posters displayed?

This year’s posters will be displayed at the ACRM 100th Annual Conference: 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2023. 

  • Atlanta Hilton on 65-inch, high-definition flat screen TVs (location TBD).
  • Poster and pre-recorded 3–5-minute summary by the author will be uploaded into the ACRM Conference Online Program and available to registered attendees 24/7 through February 2024.

Why submit a poster proposal for the ACRM Annual Conference?

Reasons to submit


ACRM builds the largest audience for rehabilitation research in the world (both in-person and online) 


Invest in your future


Reach the world with your research


Build your CV by participating the in the ACRM Annual Conference


Work is faster and easier than ever with our NEW digital poster gallery


Save money on your conference registration as an ACRM speaker


Easily record your poster presentation when it’s convenient for you ahead of the conference


Present to a large international group. ACRM is planning for 5,000+ registrations from 65+ countries


Get published in the ARCHIVES of PM&R, the most read, most downloaded, most cited rehabilitation journal in the world

  • All abstracts of accepted oral and poster presentations of scientific papers are published (and fully searchable and citable) in the online version of ARCHIVES


Connect with an interdisciplinary audience



  • Participating in the ACRM Annual Conference as a poster presenter and being published in the ARCHIVES of PM&R are celebration-worthy career milestones


Network with potential employers, mentors, collaborators, and funders


Get known and expand your career opportunities

  • The ACRM Conference is the LARGEST interdisciplinary rehabilitation research conference in the world


Gain recognition as an expert in your topic of research


Increase your opportunities for critical grants and funding, get your research published


Discover inter-professional colleague


The opportunity to translate your research and knowledge for use in clinical practice


Become eligible for prestigious ACRM awards for outstanding posters. See 2022 award winners.


Advocate for your approach to an issue facing your field today


Enjoy the best-in-class onsite venue at the amazing Atlanta Hilton

Who should submit?

Rehabilitation professionals and teams who:

  1. Wish to present their latest research and contribute to the state-of-the-art in rehabilitation
  2. Value the opportunity to engage with an interdisciplinary and diverse audience
  3. Offer translational research to inform evidence-based practice
  4. Wish to network and seek potential collaborations without many exhibitors and vendors

Submission Deadlines

When are posters due and when will the posters be displayed?

  1. The current submission deadline can be found here. (Coming Soon)
  2. Posters need to be uploaded by 23 August 2024 for those who wish to be eligible for awards.
  3. Posters who do not wish to be eligible for awards should be uploaded by 27 September 2024.
  4. Poster presentation needs to be recorded no later than 13 October 2024
  5. Posters will be presented during the CORE conference: 31 October – 3 November 2024

How to Submit

  1. Gather your research together
  2. Go to ACRM Call for Proposals
  3. Click Submit to enter the submission system
  4. If you are a NEW USER, you’ll need to create a profile
  5. Fill in your personal details and create an account
  6. Start a new proposal and fill in all necessary information – it’s easy
  7. Submit your paper/poster
  8. If accepted, you will receive an acceptance notification
  9. Record your audio presentation
  10. In Atlanta, use the provided projector to share your presentation
  11. Answer questions from a live audience
  12. Add to your CV that you presented at ACRM – the largest rehabilitation research event in the world