The 2023 Annual Conference has concluded. Please register for ACRM 2024! Call for Proposals is now open!

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WAVES - New for 2023 Call for Proposals

What you need to know about WAVES

* * * New - for 2023 Call for Proposals * * *

ACRM Will Be Accepting Content in WAVES

Historically, ACRM has provided deadline extensions for our content. For our 2023 Annual Conference Instructional Courses and Symposia submissions, ACRM is adopting a WAVE model for submissions to provide clarity and visibility to the deadlines. Authors will have three WAVES (or deadlines) in which to submit their abstract. At the conclusion of each WAVE, all complete abstract submissions will be evaluated, and authors will be notified whether their submission has been accepted.

Deadlines for Instructional Course/Symposia WAVES:

WAVE 3: Deadline Extended to March 31 2023 Now closed; please consider submitting for ACRM 2024.

Note: As content areas fill (i.e., all available slots within a content area have been assigned an accepted submission), that content area will be removed from subsequent WAVES.

Deadlines for Poster/Paper WAVES:

WAVE 3Deadline for Posters extended to 30 June 2023 – Now closed; please consider submitting for ACRM 2024.

ACRM highly encourages early submissions!

Benefits of submitting early (WAVES 1 and 2):

  • Increases likelihood that there will be availability of slots in your chosen primary content area should your submission be accepted.
  • Should your abstract not be accepted, any feedback from reviewers will be provided, and submitters will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit in a subsequent WAVE.
  • Earlier acceptance provides access to increased time for ACRM to partner with presenters to promote your session and build  your audience.
  • Early acceptance allows you to register at the best discounted rates and increased room availability at the headquarters hotel.