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Presenter Resources

The Program Committee is delighted to welcome you to the conference faculty.

Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for presenter updates, deadline reminders, and more.

We aim to keep you informed and supported to ensure the best presenter experience possible. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact speakers@acrm.org or you can call 703-435-5335.

Handy Links

To upload your presentation:

  • Log into the Presenter Portal or Poster Portal using the access key you used to upload your submission (the preferred browser for the portal is Google Chrome).
  • Click on the “Upload Presentation” task and an upload feature will appear. Our preferred format is PowerPoint, which will make it easier to record on site, however, we also accept PDF format.
Please be sure to complete all other outstanding tasks while uploading your presentation.

NEW Required Template for Presenters

Download Your Presenter Slides Here >>

This year’s template has been optimized for your convenience.

NEW! for #ACRM2024 Presenters

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ACRM will partner with you to:

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ACRM is available to presenters who wish to meet and discuss a special marketing plan for their course.

Tips for Professional Portraits

A professional portrait is a crucial asset for personal branding, networking, and online presence. A high-quality portrait speaks volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail.

Social Media

ACRM has a massive social media presence in order to help YOU expand your reach.

Use hashtag #ACRM2024 and tag our channels, like @ACRMtweets, in your posts!

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Key Actions & Deadlines

Acceptance Decline Notification

  • Instructional Course acceptance and decline notifications due to submitters —
    • WAVE 1: Beginning 20 February 2024
    • WAVE 2: Beginning 20 March 2024
    • WAVE 3: Beginning 24 April 2024
  • Symposia acceptance and decline notifications due to submitters —
    • WAVE 1: Beginning 20 February 2024
    • WAVE 2: Beginning 20 March 2024
    • WAVE 3: Beginning 24 April 2024
  • Paper & Poster acceptance and decline notifications due to submitters —
    • WAVE 2: Beginning 20 March 2024
    • WAVE 3: Beginning 24 April 2024
  • Late-Breaking Research poster acceptance and decline notifications due to submitters — Beginning 30 August 2024

Poster And Oral Presentations

  • Paper & Poster Presenter Registration — 31 May 2024


**The abstracts of all qualified scientific papers and posters presented at the ACRM 2023 Annual Conference will be published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. To qualify, paper and poster presenters must register for the conference — 31 May 2024

Poster Presenter Deadlines

  • Poster Upload (PPT or PDF) for Award Consideration — 23 August 2024
  • Final Poster Upload (PPT or PDF) — 29 September 2024
  • Deadline to Pre-Record Your Presentation — 13 October 2024

Final Presentation Deadlines

  • Presentation PowerPoint Due:  29 September 2024
    Time for Review Turnaround: 6 business days
  • All Presentation Content available in the Online Program: 2 November 2024 (1st day of the conference)



  • All presentation PowerPoints MUST be reviewed to ensure CME/CEU compliance

Continuing Education Requirements

As the premier conference for interdisciplinary rehabilitation research, the ACRM Annual Conference offers the opportunity to earn Continuing Education (CE) contact hours in your choice of 13 disciplines. Accordingly, your presentation must be reviewed for compliance with CE requirements. The presentation file will be reviewed to verify that:

  1. All required CE Compliance Slides are included
  2. The content is suitable for our interdisciplinary audience
  3. The presentation is free of commercial content
  4. The presentation generally matches up with the learning objectives for the session

Presentation Slides Template with Guidelines for CEU Compliance and Accessibility 

Download: Presentation Slides Template

POSTER PRESENTERS ONLY: How To Pre-Record From Your ACRM Portal

Recording an audio file within the ACRM Poster Portal is an easy way to pre-record your presentation on your own schedule. This portal is available 24/7 for your convenience. Simply click through your presenter tasks and follow the instructions provided. Each presenter will pre-record a narration of their poster slides.


If you are not sure which recording option is best, please bookmark the following webpages for handy future reference and add speakers@ACRM.org to your contacts/safe senders list.