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Scientific Posters

Discover cutting-edge research at the ACRM Annual FALL Conference

Dive into innovation:
explore digital poster sessions

Join the ACRM Annual FALL Conference for an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the forefront of research and innovation in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

ACRM Poster Sessions, presented in an engaging digital format, offer a unique platform for knowledge exchange and professional growth.

WHY ATTEND the digital poster sessions


Network within Curated Poster Neighborhoods

Explore a diverse array of posters organized into thematic neighborhoods, making it easy to navigate through topics that align with your specific interests. Whether you are passionate about neurorehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, or innovative technology in rehab, or interested in specific diagnosis brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, cancer, limb restoration and more — there’s a neighborhood for you.


Cutting-Edge Research

Discover groundbreaking studies and emerging trends that are shaping the future of rehabilitation. Our poster presenters are leading experts and rising stars in the field, bringing you the latest findings and innovative approaches.


Interactive Experience

Engage with poster presenters onsite during the live sessions and also anytime through interactive Q&A sessions in the Conference App and Online Program. This digital format allows you to delve deeper into the research, zoom in on the posters, ask critical questions, and build meaningful connections with fellow attendees and poster presenters.


Flexibility & Convenience

Registered attendees may access the digital poster sessions from anywhere — within the Conference App and the Online Program. The user-friendly platform ensures that you can view posters, participate in discussions, and revisit presentations at your own pace throughout the conference and for three months after the event.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with a global community of rehabilitation professionals. The Poster Sessions provide a dynamic environment for networking, fostering collaborations, and sharing ideas with peers from around the world.

Poster Spotlight winners
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Poster Sessions at the ACRM Annual FALL Conference are a must-attend event for anyone committed to advancing their knowledge and expertise in rehabilitation. Be inspired by the latest research, engage with thought leaders, and expand your professional network in a vibrant digital setting.

Mark your calendar and prepare to be part of an exciting journey into the heart of rehabilitation innovation. We look forward to welcoming you to the ACRM 101st Annual Conference and the Poster Sessions.

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge research and be part of the transformation in rehabilitation. 

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